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Find relief from tooth grinding with expert care

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Effective and personalized solutions for tooth grinding

At Miss-Lou Family Dentistry, we know the discomfort and potential damage caused by tooth grinding (bruxism) can negatively impact your life. Our approach to treating bruxism goes beyond temporary fixes. We focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes to offer solutions that not only relieve symptoms but also protect your long-term dental health.

Get started alleviating tooth grinding with our dedicated team. Our teeth grinding dentists will guide you toward a solution that enhances your comfort and safeguards your smile.

Common triggers of tooth grinding include:

  • KStress and anxiety
  • KMisaligned teeth or bite issues
  • KSleep disorders
  • KTMJ disorders

Battling with bruxism? We’re here to help

No matter the cause of your tooth grinding, our experienced dentists are equipped to provide the immediate and effective care you require. Reach out today for the support you need to combat bruxism.

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Understanding the impact of tooth grinding

Chronic tooth grinding can lead to several dental health issues, including tooth wear, increased tooth sensitivity, and TMJ disorders. Addressing bruxism promptly is crucial to prevent further complications and ensure the longevity of your dental health.

Our targeted treatments focus on the underlying causes of tooth grinding, offering relief and lasting protection for your teeth.

Tailored treatments for tooth grinding


At Miss-Lou Family Dentistry, our teeth grinding dentists are committed to your well-being, providing comprehensive care tailored to address the unique factors contributing to your bruxism.

During your consultation, our skilled team will perform a detailed examination to diagnose the root causes of your tooth grinding. Based on our assessment, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment plan designed to offer effective relief. Often, TMJ treatment is the best course of action.

tailored treatments for tooth grinding

Hear from our patients


“I’ve been coming to Miss-Lou Family Dentistry for a very long time, as have my children and my mother. They are on your side.”

– Priscilla Jackson

Your questions about tooth grinding treatment answered

How quickly can I get an appointment for bruxism treatment?

We prioritize your dental health and strive to offer same-day appointments to address your needs as swiftly as possible.

Is treatment for tooth grinding uncomfortable?

Your comfort is our top concern. Our bruxism treatments are non-invasive with minimal discomfort. We also provide relaxation techniques to ensure a comfortable experience throughout.

How will I know which treatment is right for me?

Your treatment journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation to identify the cause of your bruxism. We’ll discuss the most appropriate and effective treatment options tailored to your specific situation.

Excellent dental health is always within reach

We believe everyone should be able to get the oral care they need. We proudly...

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